Development Plan for De Vredeskapel

Starting 1 July 2014 De Vredeskapel will be a meeting place and a centre for contemplation and culture. The group of initiators, “Vredeskapel 2014”, who did the initial planning, created the Vredeskapel Foundation. This foundation will carry the legal responsibilty for the exploitation and the development of the centre. This will done with the help of the volunteers who joined us and with the organizations that will make use of the centre. This past week we came to an agreement as to the conditions of the exploitation with the owner of the building, the Protestantse Gemeente ‘s Gravenhage.

This is the  result of one year of talking with a great many people in our neighbourhood and with groups and organisations that would like to make use of De Vredeskapel. In the course of that year we already developed several activities, such as the Open Podium, the action for the Food Bank and hiring out the hall to music societies.

The Community Council Archipel/Willemspark helped in word and deed. Cooperation with  ‘t Klokhuis will always be an important priority.

We owe thanks to the Protestant Congregation Archipel-Benoordenhout who gave us the opportunity to develop our plans. Until 8 June the Congregation will worship in De Vredeskapel; after that date it will have its services in the Duinzichtkerk. The building with the address Malakkastraat 7, next to De Vredeskapel, will remain in the possession of the Congragation. 

We are happy with the volunteers who came forward to help with work that is to be done for the centre. We are confident that our joined efforts will be crowned with success. The committees for the various tasks will start their work in February and March. We wish all those who will join in the work great inspiration!

More ideas for activities have been coming in and we expect many more plans. In the autumn we will celebrate the official opening.

As was announced before the foundation will do the fund raising.

More volunteers will be most welcome. You can enter your name via e-mail  or  You can choose to work in one of the committees: finance, maintenance, reception, activities or communication. Please state how much time you can spend – one or more parts of the day per fortnight.

For more information please go to  <>   or   <> .

1  February 2014, CJP