Do you know which recycling bin is for what?

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23 November 2011 – A few months ago it was reported that some expats are unsure of which bin to use for organic waste.

Today an international resident was seen stuffing her old newspapers into the bin meant for used textiles!

So to help residents from abroad who have a limited command of the Dutch language and find it difficult to identify the right container, we have provided an overview below.

Which container or bin for what?

Plastic packaging waste
Plastic verpakkingsafval

The items below may not be placed in the plastic containers:

  • packages with their contents
  • chemical waste packaging: make-up packaging, turpentine bottles and waterproof cement tubes
  • polystyrene foam: fast food packaging, meat trays and packaging materials
  • traces of paper, carton or foil: chip bags and plastic strips for pills or chewing gum
  • drink cartons: milk and juice packages
  • other plastic products and objects like garden furniture and toys
What are (old) textiles?
  • clothing or clothing fragments
  • other textiles such as curtains, towels, bed sheets, blankets and duvets.

Shoes can also be recycled. Shoes which can still be worn will be passed on to a charity or thrift shop (kringloopwinkel) or sent to developing countries. Shoes which can no longer be worn or repaired will be used to make soundproofing and insulating material. You can deposit your shoes in the textile bins. Please make sure they are in pairs and wrapped in a sealed plastic bag.

Glass containers or bottle banks

The containers with round openings in them and marked ‘kleur’ are for coloured glass and those marked ‘wit’ for clear glass.

What’s NOT allowed:

  • regular rubbish
  • cork, bottle caps and lids from jars and bottles
  • white opal glass (for example, lotion jars)
  • mirrors
  • sheet glass (for example, old windows)
  • light bulbs
  • low-energy light bulbs
  • fluorescent / neon lamp
  • crystal
  • earthenware, like jugs
  • baking dishes

Paper containers

The recycling containers for old paper and carton have a narrow rectangular opening like a large letterbox.

What’s NOT allowed in the paper bin?

Some types of paper are absolutely not allowed in the paper bin or container. These types can contaminate the recyclable paper:

  • wallpaper
  • carbon paper
  • photos
  • dirty paper
  • drink packaging (Tetra Pak, with a plastic layer on the inside)
  • plasticized paper
  • dairy packaging (Tetra Pak, with a plastic layer on the inside)

Pay attention: It is prohibited to place paper or other waste next to the paper container. You risk getting a fine if you do this.

Let the authorities know if the recycling containers are full