Double talent Hans van der Ham settled in the Archipel

hamHans van der Ham (Eindhoven 1960), who is a well-known Dutch visual artist and curator of exhibitions, immediately felt at home when he moved from Rotterdam to the Archipel neighbourhood with its ninteenth century houses full of art and music.
Hans van der Ham’s work can be seen at Galerie Nouvelles Images and in museums (like Museum Beelden aan Zee)  and in private collections. His sculptures, made of black clay, are exhibited at fairs and exhibitions at home and abroad: in the summer of 2016 at Art Rotterdam and at the Amsterdam Art Fair and moreover he was selected for Beeld 2, a leading exhibition of modern sculpture in The Netherlands where he exhibited with among others Jan Fabre. In January 2017 his work will be on show in Kadmium in Delft and in March he will have a large solo exhibition in Antwerp.
In 2011 he made his name as a curator when together with a generous patron he started Garage Rotterdam, where he made exhibitions with artists from The Netherlands and abroad. Since that time Hans gets invited to organize exhibitions and the themes he chooses do not go unnoticed.

Hans van der Ham has yet another talent: when he entered the academy of arts in Rotterdam he just finished his piano studies at the conservatoire. He loved the freedom and the self-rule of the artist, but he also continued to present himself as a musician. He accompanies soloists, plays in ensembles for present-day music and gives piano lessons. He has been a fully qualified teacher for 25 years; he teaches both beginners and  advanced students and he hopes to meet new piano students in the Archipel neighbourhood.

When you would like to take piano lessons you can find more information on his website
Hans van der Ham Burgemeester Patijnlaan 444
tel: 06 54705240

4 November 2016, Monique Tolk  (MM)