Dumping garbage next to and around the ORAC’s Borneostraat

It not only happens when the containers are full, but also out of pure and non-social laziness.

The consequences of this are that

– residents of house numbers 199, 197 and 195 can step into a garbage dump right outside their door
– smells penetrate the houses
– birds tear open the bags
– the garbage spreads across the street and is blown by the wind in all corners and holes

Construction workers working in the neighborhood also make a contribution by filling the containers with their construction waste so that they fill up faster.

– bags must be tied tight so that no waste is blown across the street when emptying the containers
– times are respected as indicated, so that we are not startled at night by the (hard) slamming of the valves
– no cardboard in it, so that the valves block