Efficient use of charging network

Social Charging connects electric drivers with each other and with intelligent systems. With Social Charging EV drivers can share charging points and charge without problems. Via our app neighbours, colleagues or people who do not know each other can tune in from a distance and make an agreement about the use of charging points. This enables electric drivers to use the charging network in a more efficient way. This film shows you how it works:


The Municipality of The Hague supports Social Charging because it believes in the added value of the app. The Municipality choose Archipel & Willemspark as neighbourhood where Social Charging can help to improve the use of the existing charging infrastructure, because electric cars are booming here and  the charging network is expanding.

At the moment the app is in beta version. It is ready for use and we are looking for electric drivers in Archipel & Willemspark who want to use the app and thus provide us with feedback. This way we can improve the app further and prepare it for a complete rollout in The Hague and The Netherlands.

For further information and registration as beta tester: www.social-charging.com

5 April 2016, Bianca van der Ha  (MM)