End to Paper Parking Tickets

Paper parking fines will be abolished as of 2 March 2016. Parking wardens will no longer affix the parking tickets to the car’s windscreen; instead you will receive the fine in the mail.
The municipality has switched over to a pay-by-plate parking system to collect the fees to park on city streets. Parking wardens will scan the car’s number plate to check whether you have paid. If you have not paid or your time has run out, the person in whose name the car is registered will receive a payment transfer slip (naheffingsaanslag) within 7 working days.
If the fine is not paid (in its entirety), the registered data will be stored in the system for 13 weeks in case the owner decides to appeal the parking fine. Normally the data are stored for only 48 hours.

4 February 2016, thehague.com  (MM)