Exhibition Violet Roest in ‘t Klokhuis – 19 March/21 May

The painter Violet Roest (1955) studied from 1977 till 1982 at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague; she works as a professional artist.
Since 1992 Violet teaches drawing and painting in her studio OP Scheveningen. During the winter months she gives workshops. She took part in exhibitions in galeries and at art fairs.
In the summertime she teaches at an art project at Huedour, France.
Her style is realistic and at the same time dreamy and intuitive; her work invites you to pause and reflect on the questions it calls up. Traveling is one of her sources of inspiration.

Violet also makes 3P work – various examples can be seen on her website.
During the Atelierroute in  Statenkwartier (8 and 9 April) she has an exhibition at Frankenstraat 45.
For more info about her studio courses go to her website
or www.violetroest.nl to see some of her work

3 March 2017