Expansion plans Madurodam

The Community Organisation A&W sent the following letter to the chairman of the urban development  executive committee in The Hague concerning the recent developments in the planning for the expansion of Madurodam:

    Dear Mr Revis,

During the process of planning its expansion Madurodam has spoken with a number of organisations of people who are concerned. In July Madurodam sent in a proposal for alteration and expansion to the Municipality. The consultation group did not agree at all with this proposal and that is why we considered it to be a first step in an ongoing process of consultation and working out of the plans.

We understand that the Municipality is now working on a Planuitwerkingskader (PUK) (frame for the working out of the plans) for Madurodam. It is surprising that in spite of the essential precondition of the consultation group’s contribution to the planning the Municipality now has taken in hand the PUK without consultation or harmonization with the consultation group. Even more so since the proposal obviously does not comply with the essential preconditions the Municipality has stipulated concerning the surrounding green area and except by the AVN no research was done on the quality of the Madurodam woods. This green area on the Madurodam property is not open to the general public, which runs counter to the preconditions. The various organisations concerned have always stressed the point that Madurodam should act according to the essential precondions the Municipality stipulated.

We see cause for concern about the preservation of one unbroken natural green area between Ver Huellweg and Haringkade. The area is part of a Rijksbeschermd Stadsgezicht (national preserved townscape), is part of the Stedelijke Groene Hoofdstructuur (municipal green main structure) and is protected by various national laws: Beheersverordening, Boswet and Flora en Faunawet. It is an ecological connective zone between the Scheveningse Bosjes and the other green areas: Westbroekpark, Nieuwe Scheveningse Bosjes, Oostduinen.

  • Research proved that we have here an indeed small but very valuable piece of woodland, nature with a high quality, with among others 36 kinds of breeding birds, old pollard-oaks, etc. It is a complete woodland system that functions as such. The minimum size for that type of woodland is 5 hectare. With about 4 hectare left it is already rather small. Surely no wood should be taken off (see the AVN brochure Het Madurodambos).
  • Splitting up and diminishing of the woodland will be at the expense of peace and biodiversity; it turns the integrated woodland into a public garden. Breeding ground and quality of the ecological connecting zone will be lost. The proposal for annexation of 1,6 hectare of this wood for the expansion of Madurodam is therefore far too large and consequently unacceptable.
  • The green area within the boundaries of Madurodam does not have the same value as the natural, unbroken and relatively peaceful woodland outside it. Moreover there is no guarantee that there will be no building or paving in that green area lateron.
  • Such an expansion will do damage to the view from Teldersweg on the waterpartij and the unbroken edge of the wood. That is contrary to the  Rijksbeschermd Stadsgezicht. The present-day situation the buildings of Madurodam are situated in a valley and hardly visible.
  • Since the organisations have not received any detailed calculation that will stand up under scrutiny and will show clearly that expansion on the present-day grounds is a financial impossibility they cannot be expected to approve of an expansion (by which 1,6 hectare woodland that is now open to the public will be lost). To approve will also be impossible as long as there is no unconditional written statement that this will be the last expansion ever and other important preconditions stipulated by A&W have not been complied with.

We believe in a much more compact plan in which Madurodam uses its property to the maximum (in multiple layers); the alternative that is the most woodland friendly. Only after we have been able to verify that this will be financially impossible for Madurodam and only when the restrictions and conditions as mentioned in the latest bulletin will be observed we shall be willing to cease our opposition.

Considering the experiences in the past the residents are deeply concerned that in future time and again new attacks will be launched on this valuable woodland. After the expansions of Madurodam in the past (about which Madurodam and the nature- and residence organisations were content after a very long consultation route) it was agreed to fix the periphery of the woodland definitively in a protective Bestemmingsplan (now Beheersverordening) (development plan, now management regulation). As a result trust in an expansion plan that is called definitive is now very low. We urgently request you to futher an open process in which the essential preconditions that you yourself have imposed will be used as a guide.

With kind regards,
on behalf of the Community Organisation Archipel & Willemspark,

Robert van Moorsel, chairman
Katja Beekman, secretary

4 November 2016