Faces behind the Front Door: Lending-Library in ‘t Klokhuis

Community Centre ‘t Klokhuis has a lot to offer: from gymnastics and  Tai Chi to computer-, language- and painting-lessons. And then there is the lending-library, open on Friday mornings, 10.00 – 11.30 am. One can register for € 5,00 a year. For Ooievaarspas and Library Card, membership is free of charge. The majority of the members are elderly residents from our neighbourhood – younger people are, of course, equally welcome.

In this modest library we find regional novels, modern novels, books on history and thrillers. Regularly new books are bought.

My quest for “faces behind the frontdoor” led me to the volunteers who have run this library for years and therefore deserve to be in the spotlight.

Riek Beekes was an assitant-pharmacist; together with her husband she had the drugstore “De Bruine Beer” on Sumatrastraat until 1993 (the shop-building is now part of Albert Heijn). She has done volunteer-work for years, among other things she serves coffee in Het Schakelpunt.

Leny Punt has held several positions at KLM and Esso Nederland. She is active in the work for the elderly and has been a volunteer in ‘t Klokhuis and Het Schakelpunt for years.

Carmen Boersma – who is according to both ladies the mainstay of the library – was a lawyer and a member of the Municipal Council. She used to be a member of various boards of directors and has an extensive network in the Municipality, which proved to be of use to our library – for instance  free books from the Central Library. She initiated “Koempoelan”, an activity for people from the Dutch East Indies who live in the Archipel. To our regret Carmen is not in the picture that goes with this article, because due to an injury she cannot leave her home.

Liesbeth de Bles used to work as a telephone-operator at NRV on Zeestraat. Next year will see her 40th aniversary in volunteer-work, 26 (!) of which she spent at ‘t Klokhuis. According to her colleagues she is the heart and soul of ‘t Klokhuis. As Member of the Board Liesbeth has the responsibility for all activities.

Summing up: four ladies we are proud of!

Why don’t you pay them a visit on a Friday-morning – when you like to read Dutch novels you can join “our” library in the Archipel.

15 November 2013,  Josephine de Vijlder