Felling Trees on Koninginnegracht

 The felling of trees on Koninginnegracht is due to the construction of the Randstadrail. New trams have been bought, that are broader and heavier than the current trams. That means that  new and wider tracks need to be built.  The plans for all this go way back.  

The first plan was to build part of the track underground. That meant that all the trees had to go, including the monumental chestnut trees between Javastraat and Riouwstraat. That plan aroused a lot of protest, not only from our district but also from the society for the protection of nature (AVN) and monument organisations.

The final compromise was: the tram remains on the surface, the monumental chestnuts on the waterside between Javastraat and Riouwstraat will remain and the other trees on de waterside will be felled. After the construction of the new tram-track new trees will be planted. In order to protect the roots of the chestnut trees the track has to be moved in the direction of the houses and the parking-places alongside the tramrails between Javastraat and Riouwstraat will have to go.

The Municipal Council decided this in February 2011. The Community Organisation feels committed to this compromise. In the mean time the permit to fell the 83 trees has been granted. We have made no objection.

A different question is: maybe permits to fell other trees in our neighbourhood are handed out too readily. We shall speak about that in the Political Cafe that the Community Organisation has planned on Tuesday 11 Marsch 2014 in De Vredeskapel.

24 February 2014, Tieke Dedel