Fifth Poem on the Wall – 7 September 2013

Everyone is coridally invited to the celebration of the unveiling of our  fifth  poem on the wall.

We will all meet at Burgemeester Patijnlaan 1928, where the most recent unveiling took place. From there we take a “musical walk” past the poems that have sofar been realized in our neighbourhood. At about 17.00 pm we will arrive at Javahofje where the new poem, by the Dutch poet J.C. Bloem, will be unveiled.

And after that we can spend a happy hour together, enjoying snacks and drinks in the company of good neighbours.

7 September 2013 :

16.00 pm musical walk from Burgemeester Patijnlaan to Javahofje, that is off Frederikstraat and close to Mallemolen.

17.00 pm unveiling of the new poem at Javahofje

until 19.00 pm happy hour.

De Stichting ArchipelpoeZie – Ruth van Rossum, Gilles Hooft Graafland, Derk Hazekamp, Jan Hein Schouw