Fifth Poem on the Wall

Passers by were taken by surprise as the drumband “Duindorp”, playing its music, marched from Nassauplein to Burgemeester Patijnlaan 1928. Here, under the poem on the wall “Zomer XVIII”, was on Saturday 7 September 2013 the start of the festive musical walk along the five poems on the wall in Archipel&Willemspark.
Guests followed the band as it moved on to the happy poem “This is just to say” by William Carlos Williams on Bankastraat, from there to Surinamestraat where the band serenaded the poem by Hans Andreus.

On it went to the other end of Surinamestraat, where Rutger Kopland’s poem (the first ever put on a wall in our district) was honoured with a bit of lovely music. Then the parade plunged into the traffic of Javastraat and then up Frederikstraat to the almshouses in Het Javalaantje, where the newest poem on the wall was uncovered: “De Nachtegalen” (the Nightingales) by J.C. Bloem. The ceremony was performed by Mr Cees Duyne, Chairman of the Foundation J.C. Bloem Poezieprijs and Mr Arnout Offers, Chairman of the Community Council Archipel&Willemspark. After dark one can still read the poem by the light of the streetlamp in front of the almshouses.

The celebration ended with a happy hour that the guests shared with the inhabitants of the almshouses.

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12 September 2013, FH