“FIN” – Bob Kommer (1921 – 2010)

Photo: Fritz Griffin

In February 2010 89-year-old local resident Bob Kommer died. Just over a year ago the webteam did an interview with Mr. Kommer and his daughter (Karen Kommer): two creative people with a passion for photography.

Bob Kommer lived in Archipel for more than 55 years. His company (Bob Kommer Studios) was also based here for several years before it became too big and moved to Van de Spiegelstraat.

Kommer began as a photographer but gradually applied himself more and more to producing films, usually commissioned by trade and industry. One of his own projects was a documentary about the famous Hague painter Co Westerik.

The film studio was later joined by a sound studio, which could, if necessary, accommodate complete orchestras. Bob Kommer was a great jazz enthusiast and mixed tapes for many well-known musicians. One of Wim Kan’s first television shows broadcast by the BRT (Belgium Radio and Television) was recorded in his studio.

He retired in 1990 and sold the business. Part of it is still going strong under the name Bob Kommer Sound | Studio’s bv and he always kept in touch with former colleagues. He remained in Riouwstraat after his retirement, sharing the house with his daughter Karen and her husband Fritz Griffin. Not only will they miss him but many of his fellow residents too.

MW, April 2010