Fishmonger ‘Zee op Tafel’ on Bankastraat is open

Photos: Karen Kommer

8 November 2011 – Finally the Archipelbuurt has its own fishmonger. Arjan Timmerman and Jan Willem van Bemmel managed to meet their deadline and opened their beautifully appointed premises ‘Zee op Tafel’ (ZOT) at Bankastraat 95 today. Reports have already come in to the about their delicious herring.

Transformation to fishmonger making good progress

6 October 2011 – The owners hope to be opening their new fishmonger shop ‘Zee op Tafel’ (ZoT) in Bankastraat on Tuesday 1 November.
A peek through the open door reveals a proud proprietor and a colourful tiled wall in the background.

At last a fishmonger in A&W
It looks like the prayers of many locals have been answered: at the beginning of October a fishmonger will open in the neighbourhood.

Two young entrepreneurs Arjan Timmerman and Jan Willem van Bemmel plan to start their business in the premises on Bankastraat where a Turkish delicatessen was located for a short time.  It will be called ‘Zee op Tafel’ – ZoT (Sea is Served): a fishmongers where you can eat till 9 pm at night.

The idea is to combine a classic fishmonger and a restaurant. Instead of the typical sloping counter of fish between fishmonger and client, in ZoT both stand in front of the display together to make making a choice easier and more hands on. After purchasing the fish, the customer can take it home or … have it prepared and served in the restaurant on the premises. A bit like Simonis in Scheveningen but with a novel twist. A regular menu will also  of course be available.

Jan Willem actually worked as a fish specialist for Simonis and three years ago helped set up the kitchen in the Harbour Club restaurant.

Arjan Timmerman worked at the Studentalent employment agency matching highly educated students looking for a part-time job and young professionals starting out with the right organization or company. He went on to set up his own safari tour company and now wants to combine his passion for fish and good food with his experience of setting up a business.

They also plan to run fish workshops for people who want to know more about fish and how to prepare and cook it.

A unique combination: fishmonger – fish restaurant – fish workshops.

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