Food Bank Action in ‘t Klokhuis on 12, 13 and 14 November

For seven years in a row, Anne Tieleman has succeeded in making the campaign a success again. The food bank picked up at least 55 full crates this year.  Weeks before, Anne,  together with co-volunteer Marieke Alberts, actively engaged with, among others, flyers and approaching retailers. Chapeau!

Even the unexpected action at Albert Heijn on the Saturday before of “colleagues” from Scheveningen did not lead to a decrease in the number of filled crates. The local residents were fortunately still able to find the Klokhuis and the Switching Point for this action.

On Tuesday, I spent a few hours in ‘t Klokhuis to receive the articles. The first thing I noticed was a box with the text “shelf life expired”. I could not control my curiosity and I had a look at what could be found in this box. Canned vegetables from 2015 and 2016 and more articles. Anyway, a box full. I also found a bottle of marinade with a cloudy and unstable color and when I found the shelf life I saw, to my surprise, December 2000! So that’s about 18 years. Well, we now know that “expiration date” is an elastic concept and many articles can be used for longer, but 18 years is just a bit too much.

Although I assume that these articles are not “deliberately” issued, I would like to emphasize again, before you submit the articles next year, to check the date. Of course we will check this and the food bank will undoubtedly also do this, but you should also look at the date before you hand in an article.

In any case, I want to conclude positively. You have again generously given for the weak in our society.  Thank you!

Josephine de Vijlder