Free graffiti removal?

As part of its responsibility to preserve the quality of life in our community, the Archipel & Willemspark Community Association has closed a contract with The Hague Municipal Council (the so-called graffitiregeling) making it possible  for property owners in the neighbourhood to benefit from the free (collective) removal of graffiti.

Just complete the required authorization form and you become part of the collective clean-up arrangement. If your property is already (or in the future) defaced with graffiti also complete the defacement registration form and mail the forms to or send them to Martijn van Faassen of the A&W Public Space working group at Laan Copes van Cattenburch 100, 2585 GE Den Haag. The working group will coordinate the registrations and monitor the timely removal of the graffiti within the specified time-frame.

Should you have any questions about the arrangement please contact

You can also visit the Municipal Council’s website for information about the collective arrangement and for the necessary forms at: