Freemasonry Museum participates in National Museum Week

4.12.19 pac

On the occasion of National Museum Week, Mr. Fred and his son Reinier Brom, Steltman Jewelers in The Hague (also known for Kunst and Kitch) give a lecture on the restoration of the golden Grandmaster’s hammer. Reinier Brom expertly restored the hammer about four years ago.

This hammer was offered to Prince Frederik in 1876 by the Dutch Lodges under the Dutch Order of Freemasons.

He was the second son of Willem I. The golden Grandmaster’s hammer was offered by the Dutch Loges to Prince Frederik in 1876 on the occasion of his 60-year jubilee as Grandmaster National during a big jubilee celebration in The Hague. Prince Frederik has been Grandmaster of the for 1816-1881 for 65 years.

Learn more at the website of theVrijmetselarij Museum.