Fresh Air for The Hague

In June J. de Bruijn, alderman in The Hague, launched his action plan “Working together towards clean air, The Hague 2015-2018”. “Adem Graag In Den Haag” (love to breathe in The Hague), an action group of alarmed citizens and members of organisations for the environment and nature in The Hague, appeal to the alderman and the Muncipality to reconsider this plan.

According to the action group the plan is too free of obligations; the Municipality should take measures for the protection of the health of the inhabitants and the enhancement of the quality of life in The Hague and the time is now.
Mr de Bruijn is willing to speak to us about his plan and our thoughts about it and to come to an exchange of ideas. Our plans are explained (in Dutch) in the following publications:

15 09 29 235 AGIDH Wijkkranten en wijkorg 21-09 def
AGIDH Wethouder en politieke partijen def 21-09-2015
AGIDH Uitnodiging luchtfietsen

1 October 2015, Fred Vorstman (tel. 070–3453992) (MM)