From the Community Council Minutes – 28 November

 Annette ter Kuile left the Board; we are still trying to find a successor from Willemspark. 

End of February or beginning of March 2014 a political cafe will be organized.

Next year four more walls will be decorated with poems. Auke Bloembergen would like  to initiate a workinggroup for culture; please contact him when you are interested.

There are still complaints about young people hanging out in the Bosjes van Repelaer. But why do these complaints never reach the police?

Does the Municipality give out permits for felling trees too easily? Mr Spierenburg, representative of the Municipal Board, once again explains the procedure. Here too participation of citizens is important.

Until March 2014 a sum of money will be available for the construction of a playground/football field in or in the vicinity of our neighbourhood. The exact location is still subject of discussion.

29 November 2013, FH