From the Local Police

 On Saturday 19 April 2014, around 7 am, a 55 year old woman was seriously injured on the bicycle lane of Bankastraat, near Dr Aletta Jacobsweg. She was riding her bicycle and fell on the ground. The Police are investigating the accident. The woman, who had drunk alcohol, fell on her head. A trauma helicopter came to give medical assistance. The woman had suffered brain injury and was in danger of loosing her life.. An ambulance brought her to the Westeinde Hospital.  She has been operated twice and her condition is stable. 

On Wednesday 16 April 2014 Police Officers were summoned to Riouwstraat. A lady  had made mention of a penetrating smell coming from the house next to hers. Officers from Police Station Karnebeek, the local Police Officer and two detectives found in the livingroom a 75 year old man lying on the floor. He had been dead for about 5 weeks. The man lived alone, was a very rpivate person and had little contact with other people.
24  April 2014, FH