Future of De Vredeskapel


During the renovation of De Vredeskapel it was found that the roof is in so bad a condition that drastic measures need to be taken, therefore the building cannot  be used for months. Fortunately the Protestantse Gemeente and De Zalen were willing to accomodate the activities that had already been planned. The Ghanese Gemeente and the Vrije Evangelische Gemeente can hold their services in Het Malakkahuis (adjacent to the Vredeskapel) and the Open Podium concerts will take place in De Zalen (Riouwstraat 1).

This temporary closing-down is very disappointing for the Vredeskapel Foundation, but not a reason to say die. Since the start of the activities earlier this year we made good progress: dozens of volunteers joined the working groups and so many applications to rent the hall have come in that we may say that we are financially sound.

Therefore we have to start planning the next step: buying the building. So even if De Vredeskapel closes down for the time being, there is still much work to be done. We need volunteers who are willing to help plan the financial, legal and fiscal aspects of the acquisition of the building, and also people who will help with  bookkeeping, filing, keeping the website up to date and editing the newsletter.

For more information please contact Aart Stevens – sallmstevens@cs.com ,  tel. 070-3505555 ; or Bas ter Haar – bterhaar@gmail.com ,  tel. 070-3550930  or  06-53987094.

6 November 2014, CJP