Future of Vredeskapel to be discussed in Municipal Council

In September the Municial Council will discuss the future of church buildings that are no longer in use. It seems inevitable that some of them will be reconstructed to fit other purposes or may be demolished. The Municipality promised the present owner of the Vredeskapel, the Protestantse Gemeente (PGG), to study the  options which  will be implemented in the following order:

1. maintaining of national or local monuments: “The possiblity of durable  exploitation and upkeep of said national or local monument is the first priority”

2. to decide whether the building is necessary in town and country planning

3. to keep the building for another religious community, which means investigating whether the building can be sold to another denomination within at most two years

4. when option 3 cannot be realized one should investigate other possible functions for the present building. When option 4 proves to be successful the Municipality can adapt the development plan for the building. There is now an informal agreement that this option should be realized in about two years

5. demolition followed by the building of a new estate. “De Vredeskapel is a national monument and therefore has a protected status”

The PGG wishes to sell the Vredeskapel to a prospective buyer, who wishes to sell the building to a third party. In 2014 the PGG gave the building on loan to the Stichting Vredeskapel, initiated by residents who wanted to turn the building into a social and cultural centre for the neighbourhood. On Sundays it was hired out to a religious congragation. The initiative had a successful start, but came to an abrupt end when the roof of the building turned out to be in a dangerously bad state of  repair.

The present Board of the Stichting Vredeskapel does not feel capable of doing what it takes to finance and organize the acquisition and renovation of the Vredeskapel. Maybe there are residents who have the necessary time, energy and capabilities and are willing to undertake the job?

For more information please contact: Aart Stevens  sallmstevens@cs.com  (president of the Vredeskapel board) or Bas ter Haar  bterhaar@gmail.com (vice president)

17 August 2015  (MM)