Groene Buurt A&W ready to support local residents

6.12.19 pac


Do you want to make your home more sustainable, increase the comfort in your home, lower your energy bill, become less dependent on natural gas, reduce your CO2 footprint or get closer to zero on the energy meter?

Two members of the Green Neighborhood initiative in our neighborhood can use a first kitchen table discussion to find out where the greatest gains can be made in making your home sustainable and how to achieve it. They have just completed the Energy Coach course at HOOM.

Michiel Ottolander, one of the two coaches: “We have no ready-made solutions and offers, but we offer you a sounding board and can guide you impartially in the forest of advisors, grants and providers”. For example, the insulation of the roof and floor, the replacement of only glass and solar panels score high.

Marga Zuurbier “Before I could get started in my house, I had to do quite a bit of research. I would like to share that experience and knowledge of the HOOM training with others in our neighborhood. ”

HOOM is a national cooperative that supports local (neighborhood) initiatives such as De Groene Buurt A&W in saving energy for residents. HOOM ensures knowledge sharing, the provision of expertise, the development of smart tools and practical support.

Are you interested in a (free) coaching interview? Let us know and one of us will contact you on: or

For more information about HOOM see here.