Haagse Stadspartij paves the way for clean air in Archipel

With a successful amendment Councillor Gerwin van Vulpen, during the meeting of the Municipal Council of 18 December 2014 about the development plan for the Archipel district, paved the way for clean air in the Archipel.
The amendment had been presented in collaboration with D66, VVD and Christen Unie/SGP and got the support of a majority in the Council. De Haagse Stadspartij has been concerned about the quality of the air in the Archipel district. Measurings by Milieudefensie proved that it is distressingly bad. Not only on Javastraat, which earlier was among the top-6 of most polluted streets in The Netherlands,also  in the rest of the district there is too much micro dust in the air. According to Van Vulpen this is quite a problem: “We have to be very serious about this, because the health of the residents is endangered by the polluted air.”

The problems with the quality of the air in Archipel are due to the fact that the streets in this residential area are used as exit roads, which results in daily recurring  traffic blocks. The intended result of Van Vulpen’s amendment is that Laan Copes van Cattenburg will no longer be used as exit road for through traffic from the city centre. Says Van Vulpen: “Half measures like switching off the motor when the cars stand still are no good. Through traffic simply has to be barred!”  The amendment of the Haagse Stadspartij does not immediately solve the problem of the polluted air, but it makes a beginning. Van Vulpen will continue to dedicate himself to the cause of improving the quality of the city’s air.

4 January 2015 (MM)