Hague Nature Day [Natuurwerkdag] in the Scheveningse bosjes November 4th, 2017


Saturday 4 november from 10.00 to 15.00 


Roll up your shirt sleeves and participate in the largest and most sociable volunteer action in the Netherlands — and it is organized throughout the Netherlands!  Volunteers give the landscape maintenance. The Natuurwerkdag is an initiative of LandschappenNL.

The Hague Nature Day in the Scheveningse bosjes [Scheveningen woods] –  Duration: up to 5 hours.

Would you help to make a shelter for hedgehogs? Or do you prefer to make sure that there are plenty of spots for blooming plants like the snowdrop and the forest anemone next spring? Then help with the Hague Nature Day.  Learn more at www.natuurwerkdag.nl

11 October 2017