How safe was your neighbourhood in 2011? So far so good …

In the main the figures available so far at the ‘how safe is my neighbourhood’ website indicate that there is a downward trend in cases of petty crime in the Archipelbuurt and Willemspark  this year.

Compared with 2010, burglaries of businesses and homes have gone down significantly (from 36 to 16 and from 44 to 17, respectively), as have car break-ins, despite those recently reported in the neighbourhood, which have dropped from 81 to 36.

Cases of vandalism, assault and bicycle theft are on the decrease too, and there have been no instances of shoplifting reported at all so far this year.

On the down side, however, incidents of car theft have gone up from 5 to 8 and threatening behaviour from 10 to 14. There have been two cases of street robbery reported so far compared with one in 2010, and the theft of mopeds has gone up from 3 to 7.

Again, compared with 2010, burglaries of businesses and homes have gone down (from 23 to 5 and from 16 to 6, respectively), as have car break-ins, which are down from 28 to 17.

Cases of bicycle theft (down from 11 to 3), vandalism (down from 12 to 9) shoplifting (down from 3 to 0), threatening behaviour (down from 2 to 0) and street robbery (down from 1 to 0) are on the decrease too.

Less positive is the slight increase in incidents of moped theft (up from 5 to 6) and pickpocketing (up from 0 to 1), while car theft and instances of assault have so far remained the same (1 and 4, respectively).