HSV goes Green!

Groene school_opt

More green in our neighbourhood! These last months we worked hard on the greening of the schoolyard of the  Haagsche School Vereeniging (HSV),  Nassaulaan, The Hague.

The school houses 350 children (140 in the international section and 210 in the Dutch section). The playground had become too oldfashioned and some of the trees were ill. Especially for the children in the international section  the schoolyard is the only place where they can play out in the open. And last but no least, the school wished to integrate the outdoors space in the current education programme (IPC). Need was felt for an educational space, where nature would be welcome in the city and where there was room for a multi-purpose playing field.

Enough reasons for creating a schoolyard committee of parents who want to be involved and the Principals of the school. After a thorough investigation among pupils, teachers and parents, the committee formulated a proposal. This proposal was worked out by  Halsema Hoveniers. Thanks to contributions from the school budget, multiple sponsors (parents), Fonds 1818, Zabawas and ANWB, the plan could be realized. And now the first results are there for all to see.

Tuesday 14 October 2014 saw the official opening of the first part of the new green schoolyard. The education plaza and the green discovery space have been put into use. Next schoolyear the schoolyard committee will develop the last part, the playing field. The committee is now raising the necessary funds.

The green schoolyard is a new spot of green in our neighbourhood.

6 October 2014, Julie Waterson- Dahmen (FH)