Info afternoon about Food Bank


On 17 October 2016 a volunteer of the Food Bank came to give an informative talk about the functioning and the background of  the Food Bank .

The Food Bank is an official national association that works exclusively with volunteers. Nobody gets paid for the work they do: collecting food for people who temporarily cannot afford to buy it.
To be qualified to receive free food from the Food Bank a single person’s spendable income must not exceed € 170,- a month (after the fixed charges like rent, energy, etc have been paid). In a family € 70,- may be added for each member. So for a family of four the spendable income must not exceed € 390,-.
One cannot just turn to the Food Bank for aid, one can only be registered via an official social aid institution.
The clients usually are in debt restructuring or going through a divorce. Most of them stay less than a year, an individual might stay a little bit longer. The time limit is 2 years.
The main bulk of the products that are distributed is supplied by companies that donate of their own produce on a regular basis. The Food Bank collects and distributes these products with its own (refrigerated) trucks; these are paid for with financial donations and legacies.
The Food Bank maintains a strict quality control. Volunteers fill each crate with 20 products – coffee, tea, rice, vegetables, fruit, bread, etc. These crates are taken to distribution centres where clients can come and collect them.
In The Hague each week 2100 persons receive a crate with 20 products and the contents are not always the same. The privacy of the clients is guarded, as some of them feel embarrassed to receive aid.

More information and pictures can be found on the Food Bank’s Dutch website.
We are sure that it is worthwhile that our neighbourhood supports this intiative!

24 October 2016, CJP  (MM)