Inspection walk before felling trees in Scheveningse Bosjes – 20 September


To make sure that the woods of The Hague will be safe for visitors, the trees along the paths are inspected every three years. During this year’s inspection a number of unsafe trees were found. The trees that have to be felled were marked with a cross and a white tape referring to the municipal website

As a participation project concerning the trees and woods in Scheveningse Bosjes  will be started at the end of this month (the so-called stadslabs, city labs) which brings a striving for transparency with it, the Municipality chooses to be as open as possible about the necessary work that will have to be done in this area starting end of September 2016.

Prior to the actual felling of the trees you can register for an inspection tour through the area. The reason why some of the trees have to be felled will be explained and also why many of them will not be re-planted. This has to do with the location of the tree and the interlocking of the treetops of the surounding trees.
The Municipality hopes to give citizens who are interested an insight in the reasons  why these works are necessary.

Inspection tour Scheveningse Bosjes:  Tuesday 20 September, 14.00 – 16.00 hrs 

When you want to take part please register via email:
Stating: ‘Schouw Scheveningse Bosjes’ and the number of people who come with you.

26 August 2016 (MM)