International NGO cluster in Zeestraat

The council’s idea to create shared premises on Laan van Meerdervoort in order to cluster international NGOs in The Hague has proven to be a success and has contributed to The Hague’s image as International City of Peace and Justice.

On 27 May 2010, Deputy Mayor Frits Huffnagel (International Affairs), his last day in office, officially opened the second NGO (non-governmental organisation) office building at Zeestraat 100 in Willemspark. There are already ten new occupants, including the back office of ACCESS who was recently named Expat Service Provider of the Year.

There are nearly 100 NGOs who have made their home in The Hague. The number of people employed by the NGOs in The Hague has more than doubled since 2004 to more than 400 people.