Invitation: Saturday 11 November 2017 18.00 Saint Maarten procession

10 November 2017

‘Sinte Maarten, Sinte Maarten, de koeien hebben staarten…’

On Saturday November 11th, we will celebrate as every year, Saint Maarten at The Cantaloup.  Saint Maarten was a knight. On a very cold winter day Maarten saw an old man without a coat sitting in the snow. He got off his horse and with his sword he cuts his own coat into two parts and gave one part to the old man so that he can use it against the cold. On November 11th we celebrate this generous gesture at Clubhuis Cantaloup, you are welcome at 17:30 hours. There will be some sandwiches with sausages, Dutch Pie soup and hot chocolate with whipped cream, Gluhwein for a small fee, and while supplies last!  At 18:00 hours we start walking from the clubhouse (kids are accompanied by the parents) along the residential houses. Don’t forget to bring your own lantern and a wear a warm coat! (No preregistering needed) Would you as a resident like to welcome a group of children who will sing the Saint Maarten songs in front of your door? Please place a light in front of your window on Saturday November 11th from 18:00 hrs and have some treat ready. (Candy or something healthy.) Route: Cantaloupenburg, Christinalaan, Kerkstraat, Prinses Mariestraat, Schelpkade, Schelpstraat.

Save the date: Sinterklaas in de Cantaloup, Sunday 26 November at 14:30.  [Registration via registration form, more info follows.]