Javastraat closed for 3 Months

Impressie Javastraat
From 18 January  the Javastraat is closed for 3 months to through traffic between the Nassauplein and Koninginnegracht. The Javastraat will get better cycle paths, the sewer system will be replaced and the street will be repaved. Later this year road work will also be carried out on the narrow portion of the Laan van Meerdervoort.
The plans to redesign the street were drafted in consultation with residents, businesses and interest groups in the neighbourhood. One lane for vehicular traffic will be eliminated to create space for a cycle path in the direction of Kijkduin. A new cycle path will be created in the other direction. Nearly all the parking spots will remain.
Some inconvenience will be inevitable. The municipality and the contractor have informed all parties involved as well as possible. Road signs will be posted at various spots, traffic wardens will be deployed and the contractor has developed a special app.
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The road work will take place in 4 phases:
  • between the Nassauplein and Surinamestraat (18 January to 14 February)
  • between the Surinamestraat and Frederikstraat (15 February to 13 March)
  • between the Frederikstraat and Balistraat (14 March to 10 April)
  • between the Balistraat and Koninginnegracht (10 April to 7 May)
  • Traffic in the direction of the A12/A4/A44 can take a detour via the Johan de Wittlaan-Teldersweg-Hubertusviaduct.
  • Residents and other users of the Javastraat/Frederikstraat will be diverted via the Nassauplein and the Laan Copes van Cattenburch.
  • Cyclists will be re-routed via the Schelpkade-Kerkstraat-Frederikstraat.
  • The shops and cafes in the Javastraat, Frederikstraat and Mallemolen will remain accessible.
The responsible manager is  Niek Sickenga, tel: 06-13910249, mail:
The work in the Javastraat will be completed in mid-May. After that the narrow portion of the Laan van Meerdervoort will be repaved between the Carnegieplein and Zeestraat. Designated cycle paths will also be created here in both directions and one lane of traffic will be eliminated for cars. This project should be completed at the end of 2016.

22 January 2016,  (MM)