João Prates – Photographer / Malakkastraat

He is one of my new next-door neighbours. João comes from Brazil, and in a remarkably short time has learned to speak good Dutch thanks to lots of lessons. He has also lived in London and is a photographer by profession. The editorial team is really pleased that he has offered to take photos for the community paper: he supplied the two of the reopening of Albert Heijn in the December issue. In an age when we all think ourselves photographers, we do have to admit that quality always wins the day. João works in black and white and in colour. To get the best results he adjusts the finer details in Photoshop. Who are his sources of inspiration? Sebastião Salgado, Annie Leibovitz and Erwin Olaf.

Photo: João Prates

Photo: João Prates

What do you do? I like taking (family) portraits and photographing people on the street. Capture just the right moment; catch a glimpse of the person’s soul. That’s what it’s all about, what I enjoy. When I ask people in the street in the Netherlands if I can take their photograph they say: No, why? It takes a bit longer here to put people at their ease. I am also into photographing interiors and I work with a fine artist from The Hague.

Has Archipel&Willemspark got something special to offer you as a freelancer? It’s so peaceful here, you can really work, concentrate your mind. The architecture in the neighbourhood makes living and working here very pleasant.

Colleagues talk a lot amongst themselves. You must miss that. Do you find it a problem? Yes, I certainly miss that. I’d like to invite other professionals to get in touch with me; my contact details are on my website, which is currently under construction. I would like to get to know them and exchange knowledge and experiences. This is the only way to continue learning.


(Webteam: João might like to take a look in our Local Directory where all photographers working in the neighbourhood are listed, including João himself.)

Article ‘Joao PratesFotograaf / Malakkastraat
A&W Community Newspaper, December 2011
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