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Show the neighbourhood’s face!

As ‘t Klokhuis is our neighbourhood’s living room, so the Theater aan het Spui (Spui Theatre) is the living room of The Hague. And that is where our neighbourhood wishes to present itself on Wednesday 6 March. We can thus show that our neighbourhood is full of life and also involved in theatre and culture in The Hague.

On the 6th March a large human clock wil be formed in the main hall of the theatre. Participants will be seated in such a way that they will form numbers, and with those numbers they will form the digital time. Every minute they wil thus show the time, by changing positions and sit in changing combinations. We plan to participate with a group of members of our neighbourhood. It means that we act for 40 minutes in the digital clock and have therefore chosen two periods: from 15.20-16.00 hours and from 20.40-21.20 hours. We are counting on your participation!

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8 January 2013,  Derk Hazekamp