June 2011 update

Objections have been lodged against the development plan for the former LTO building (Prinsenvinkenpark). It is not yet clear whether this will hold up the proceedings.

In the garden of the LTO is an abandoned statue belonging to the Foundation for the Metal Industry. Betty Aardewerk (Care & Well-being working group) feels this should be preserved for the neighbourhood after completion of the new building. Enno Thedinga will look into the matter.

The building plans for the new primary school on Frederikstraat have been finalised. The school expects construction work to begin before the end of the year. The whole Frederikstraat entrance facade to the school in the courtyard behind will be removed and then replaced once the new building is completed.

The working party, together with board member Auke Bloembergen, has been to see the manager of Albert Heijn in Sumatrastraat for an update on the planned refurbishment and extension. Plans for the interior of the supermarket are now complete and will be carried out accordingly. A so-called “green” roof will be installed and, working together with the Council engineers office, the parking facilities for bicycles and the system for the removal of packing material will be improved. The working party will follow developments closely. The A&W Digital Billboard will be relocated.