Launch of A&W Billboard in Citronics – 2010

Saturday 20 March 2010 – Willemspark gets its own digital billboard. The one in Archipel (in the window of the Albert Heijn supermarket) has been up and running for a few months now, displaying community news and a foretaste of what there is to find on the community website.

Telecommunication products shop Citronics in Frederikstraat has made space available in their window for the second A&W “street” billboard so that the local residents around Javastraat and Frederikstraat can more easily catch up on what’s going on in the neighbourhood.

More detailed information about the announcements can always be found on the community website

Would you like to let your fellow residents about your activity or event? Then send your message to and it will be posted on the billboard via the website.

Because there is also a screen in the Klokhuis Community Centre, the billboad can now be viewed at three different locations.