Let’s use what we’ve got with care and share ideas

We have an extremely motivated and energetic new A&W working group for sustainability in the neighbourhood. Its motto is ‘new energy for Archipel & Willemspark’.

Contact person Marjan Teesing has just been on a Solar Tour organised by NL Agency to learn all about what can be done with the sun’s energy on a community level. She visited a fire station in Houten powered by transparent sun panels on its dome-shaped, glass roof and ‘our own’ Overbosch swimming pool in the Bezuidenhout district, which has the largest ‘sun collector’ in the Netherlands.

She also points out that there are lots of ‘little things’ we can all do ourselves on a personal level to help sustainability in our district, like being more conscious about our use of drinking water for example.

One resident in Atjehstraat (and many others too I’m sure) has installed a water butt in her garden, which collects the rain water from her neighbours’ roofs and balconies. The environment is better off (less water consumption) and the soft rain water is far better for the plants than hard drinking water.

Every ‘little bit’ helps!

If you are doing your bit and have come up with a sustainability idea however simple or small let us know. We’d love to hear about it!

Get in touch with the working party at duurzaamheid@archipelwillemspark.nl

Based on extracts from articles ‘Duurzaam in de wijk and Laten we met zorg gebruiken wat er is!’
A&W Community Newspaper June 2010
and provided by A&W Webteam