Since the beginning of 2015 Madurodam has been working on a development plan that will shape the future of the park at its present location. In a dialogue with a sounding board group of residents and other people who are interested Madurodam recently developed a much more compact solution than the one presented at the meeting of 27 November 2016. The adapted framework caters to the  wishes of all the neighbours. On 20 December these possible adjustments have been discussed with the members of the sounding board group. The discussion took place in a positive atmosphere. It is expected  that Madurodam will publish the new development plan and explain it to the various groups. For our neighbourhood that will be at the Community Council of 19 January 2017.

Apart from the essential preconditions stipulated by the Municipalty, the Community Organisation Archipel & Willemspark has formulated a number of preconditions that will have to be met:
– in an “everlasting agreement”, registered at the land registry office, the Municipality and Madurodam must promise that no more parts of the woods shall be used for further expansion of Madurodam;
– the neighbourhood shall not experience any nuisance caused by the increase of traffic and/or parking during and after the expansion operation and the logistic infrastructure will be adapted accordingly;
– if any part of the woods should be lost due to building the buildings shall be supplied with sufficient plants to compensate the loss of the cut down wood and Madurodam will maintain the quality of the plantation.

As soon as there is news we shall let you know. At the Community Council of 19 January 2017 we will inform you about the latest state of affairs. Madurodam will probably be represented by Mr Joris van Dijk (board of directors) and Mr Pieter Duisenberg (management) who will explain the standpoint of Madurodam.
After that there will be time for discussion.

23 December 2016, Derk Hazekamp