Main topics A&W Community Council meeting

15 June – The meeting room was particularly full yesterday evening, with the main interest being the Council’s plans for Javastraat. (See: Cycle lanes Javastraat) It was no more than a preliminary discussion as much still has to be resolved. Important then that we make sure the interests of our neighbourhood are borne in mind during the early stages of the process. The working party Local Traffic will look into the matter and enter into consultations with the Municipal Council. More information will follow; initially in the form of an official report.

Another topic that also came up was the question whether the upcoming major repairs to Bankastraat will go hand in hand with the promised reorganization of the street. It is expected that the matter can be discussed in more detail at the Community Council meeting in September.

Photo: Webteam

The working party Sustainability was pleased to report that a charging station for electric cars has been installed in the neighbourhood: near Nassaulaan 23.