Mauritskade closed for 1 year

The Mauritskade and its extension the Dr. Kuyperstraat will be closed to all traffic starting on 2 June between the Koningskade and the Denneweg. The streets will be closed for more than 1 year until 28 August 2015. The Mauritskade bridge will be replaced and the Dr. Kuyper dam will be replaced by a bridge.

The work is needed because the structures are old and were never built to carry heavy traffic. The Mauritskade bridge is more than a century old and stems from the time of the horse and buggy. It will be completely remodelled.

The Dr. Kuyper dam, created 50 years, now forms blockade in the waters of the Koninginnegracht and will be replaced by a bridge. Once it is completed in the autumn of 2014 tour boats and  sloops will be able to sail under the bridge all the way to Scheveningen.

Dr. Kuyperdam nowDr. Kuyperdam now
Dr. Kuyperdam in the future 




Dr. Kuyperdam in the future

Work on Tram 9

Starting in September the rails for Tram 9 will be replaced on the Koninginnegracht. New rails will be placed on the Koninginnegracht between:

  • the Houtweg – Javastraat
  • the Laan Copes van Cattenburch – Madurodam.

As of 2015 the RandstadRail will operate on this line using a more comfortable, spacious and low-floor vehicle. For a better traffic flow on the Mauritskade, an extra right-hand lane will be created for traffic leaving the city.

  • The rails for Tram 9 will be replaced from the Dr. Kuyperstraat to the Javabruge  at the same time work is carried out on the bridges from Septembr to mid-October 2014.
  • From mid-October to November 2014 the rails for Tram 9 will be replaced from the Dr. Kuyperstraat to the Houtweg.
  • The Koninginnegracht will be closed between the Houtweg and the Javastraat.

Substitute transportation

Tram 9 will not operate between Central Station and Scheveningen from September to mid-December 2014. The Hague’s public transportation company HTM will supply alternative transportation. More information can be found at

Combined activities

Work on the bridges and the tram rails will be combined with as many other activities in order to limit the amount of inconvenience. The sewer system under the Koninginnegracht will be replaced at the same time.

Mauritskade bridge now Mauritskade bridge now
Maurtiskade bridge in the futureMaurtiskade bridge in the future

Traffic diversions

Vehicular traffic and local vehicular and bicycle traffic will be re-routed. Through traffic is advised to drive via the

  • Professor B.M. Teldersweg
  • Johan de Wittlaan
  • President Kennedylaan

Local traffic will be diverted via the

  • Parkstraat
  • Lange Vijverberg

Homes and businesses will be accessible to cyclists and pedestrians. Here you can find the most up-to-date information on detours.

More info

You can send any questions by email to:

More information about this road project can be found on the Dutch-language municipal website under Vervangen brug Mauritskade en Dr. Kuyperdam.

12  June 2014 – The Hague Newsletter