May 4th commemoration in our neighborhood

in Den Haag

On and around 4 May (Remembrance Day) the victims of the Second World War are commemorated in The Hague. In our neighborhood you can attend the commemoration at the Hague Memorial Memorial 1940-1945. This commemoration starts at 7.50 pm on Carnegieplein (in front of the Peace Palace)

Prior to the commemoration at the Memorial in The Hague on the Carnegieplein in front of the Peace Palace, a commemoration meeting will take place in Het Vreedehuis at Riouwstraat 1. There is an appropriate program with a contribution from Herman Rosenberg, editor in chief of The Hague Central. He speaks about the ‘Year of Resistance’. In addition, there is violin music by Danielle Daoukayeva, graduated from the Royal Conservatory. There is also a presentation of a poem.

Entry into the Vreedehuis is from 6 pm. The program starts at 18.30.

At 4.25 pm a quiet trip from the Vreedehuis to the Hague Memorial Monument takes place. After the commemoration at the monument at 8.00 pm a Peace Concert starts at 8.30 pm in the nearby Anglican Church at Arie van der Spuyweg 1.

The meeting and the commemoration are an initiative of the National Remembrance Foundation
The Hague. The purpose of the Foundation is to commemorate in a dignified manner in the years 1940 – 1945 in the resistance, in the service of the Dutch armed forces or the Dutch merchant navy, victims or casualties due to race, faith and belief or forced labor outside the Netherlands.

The commemoration takes place annually on 4 May by organizing quiet trips to and meetings at nine memorial places. The commemorations are freely accessible. Look for the other commemorations

Stichting Nationale Herdenking ’s-Gravenhage
Thorbeckelaan 142, 2564 BT Den Haag

1 May 2018 pac