Meeting Community Council 6 December 2012 at ‘t Klokhuis (condensed report)

Arnout Offers is the new Chairman.

Marie Christine Goedmakers is the new Minutes Secretary.


The City Council intends to reconstruct Javastraat and the narrow parts of Laan van Meerdervoort for bicycle traffic in both directions. There will be only one lane for cars in the narrow part of Javastraat.

The general feeling is that we are not happy that one has departed from the decision made by the City Council  in 2003: to direct through traffic to the Telderstracé. The introduction of the VPC has considerably increased traffic on Javastraat,  Laan Copes van Cattenburch en Burg. Patijnlaan.

Our Community Council Board will point out that it would be good  to decrease traffic in our neighbourhood. Maybe this can be achieved along political lines.

Renovation  Bankastraat

It is reported that a lack of fundshas  caused a delay. Hopefully work will start in 2016. It will begin with new  asphalt in the section between Laan Copes van Cattenburch up to and including Bankaplein. After that the other tasks will be taken in hand. The City Architect will draw up  a plan. The aims are: safer traffic and a better look. City Council gives priority to safety in traffic.

Three trees have been felled and will be replaced by new ones. When the renovation makes it necessary, the new trees can after a number of years still be replanted.


Workgroup Sustainability is now  an official foundation, Chaired by Annette ter Kuile. A plan for sustainable rooftops has been developed: solar collectors on the roofs of (public) buildings. Subsidies for green rooftops can still be applied for.

Workgroup Public Space: the building activity on Prinsevinkenpark advances slowly. The renovation of Beauséjour on Bankastraat runs smoothly. The renovation of the school on Frederikstraat starts in January 2013.  A five-story office building on Frederikstraat may be raised to 25 meters – municipal regulations allow it. There is plan to convert an office-villa in Willemspark (next to Carlton Ambassador Hotel) into an apartment-building.

Workgroup Care and Well-Being: the happy hour in Het Schakelpunt is a great success. New volunteers have come forward.

– Workgroup Public Space: the lighting of the fountain on Bankaplein that was stolen has been replaced and put into use. The statue “The Guard” has returned to Nassauplein – its lighting still has to be restored. The glass-containers that caused inconvenience on Burgemeester Patijnlaan have been moved to the high end of Bankastraat.

The renovation of the Bosbrug (Korte Voorhout/Koningskade) has started and will take a year; 88 trees will have to be felled, but when the work is finished lime trees will be planted.

The vegetable stall on Bankastraat remains closed due to bad repair. The Community Council wrote City Hall a letter about it. The answer stated that the licence is pending. Two shop-owners protested and they got word that a licence will be given when the stall is in acceptable state. The owner considers building a new stall, but in that case has to apply for a licence to build. It was suggested that  a resident could start an action on the internet to draw attention to this undesirable situation.

The Repelaer Wood: youngsters hanging out still cause much inconvenience and destroy street furniture. The Police do nothing about it. Gerard Spierenburg (Municipality The Hague) gives the advice to  officially report this to City Hall and they will then instruct the Police to take action.

Poetry on the wall

There are three new locations where a poem may be written on the wall: 1. Javastraat, 2. corner Laan Copes van Cattenburg/Surinamestraat, 3. Burg.Patijnlaan nr 1928. The City Council has promised subsidies. The choice of the poems rests with the Board of the Foundation and the owner of the wall concerned. Suggestions are welcome and can be sent to the Foundation (Surinamestraat 58, 2585 GK, The Hague) or handed in at De Haagse Boekerij, Frederikstraat 24 or mailed to Ruth van Rossum     


Margreet Meijer and Kees Tolk have taken the place of Linda Nash as editor/translator of the English website.

The Newsletter email now has 746 subscribers and we hope to reach the number of 800 in 2013. Newsletters are mostly opened soon after receipt.

Electronic Wallposter

There are two electronic wallposters: one at Albert Heijn and one in ‘t Klokhuis. There will be a new and improved version of the wallposter. Volunteers who would like to manage the wallposter will be most welcome.

Community Newspaper

The December edition of the Community Newspaper has recently been published. The workgroups are cordially invited to write about their activities.

City Hall and  Police

Over a period of time the Municipality has counted the cyclists who on Javastraat ride the sidewalk or against the traffic; it was found that their number is considerable.

The Municipal Council decided to do something about the growing number of beggars (who are hardly ever spotted in our neighbourhood).

The Police were not represented at this meeting.

Next meeting of the Community Council: Thursday 17 January 2013,  20.00 pm in ’t Klokhuis

8 January 2013