Micro Dust – a Reaction by Henk Kuilder

In the newsletter I read that one worries about the Municipal plans to add thousands of cars per hour to the Centrumring, which would cause more polution with micro dust and NOx in all of the central zone – which includes Archipel & Willemspark.

That, of course, is undesirable – even more so for those who do not own a car. Shifting the route of the main traffic streams does not solve the problem, it just pushes it on to someone else’s plate. The only real solution would be less cars on the road. The number of families with more than one car is great, especially in our neighbourhood. One could be more selective in the use of one’s car(s). Or have no car at all and travel by public transport, maybe in combination with a car rented from Greenwheels. These days there are plenty of them around town, also the electric variation.

 There is still another form of air polution: burning wood in an open fireplace. Like the exhaust fumes of cars, the smoke of an open fire contains invisible particles that are small enough to be inhaled into the deepest parts of the lungs and so cause heart disease, astma, bronchitis and cancer. On top of that smoke has a penetrating smell – you cannot sleep with your bedroom window open unless  you do not mind to wake up smelling like a smoked herring.
Contrary to the problem of exhaust fumes from cars it is in our neighbourhood very easy to do something about it: in stead of wood, burn gas or electricity in your open fire place. It would of course be best to have no open fire at all.
 11 April 2013, FH