Minutes of the District Council June 28, 2018



(download here the notes dd. 28-06-2018 as PDF)

Board: R. van Moorsel (Chairman), W. Buwalda, D. Hazekamp, K. Hoogsteder, R. Klein.
Note taker: A.S.J. van Etten.
Present: A. Beekman, A. van den Bosch, H. Bosloper, L. Brocken (municipality), H. Bussink, M. Bussink, P. Casparie, A. Dijkman-Rekers, J. Douwes, A. van Esch, H. Fonhof, M. Godschalx, M. van der Hoff, A. van Kammen, A. van de Kooi, B. van Leeuwen (police), H. Meijer, T. Meijer-de Zeeuw, L. de Mooij, C. Nieuwenhuis, N. Oosterwaal, C. Padmos, E. Pelsman, M.L. de Ridder, O. de Savornin Lohman, F. Sevriens, A. de Sturler, M. Teesing, J. Teeuwen, R. Tuinstra, W. Vader, H. Verhoog-Poiesz, I. Vlasblom.
Absent: K. Beekman, B. Bos, I. van Dijk, G. Spierenburg, D. Struik, A. de Vuijst.

1. Opening
The chairman welcomes everyone. The following residents are there for the first time: Fred Sevriens and Hans Bosloper – VvE Crescent, mayor de Monchyplein; Andrew van Esch (D66) – Nassauplein; Rens Tuinstra, Mayor de Monchyplein; Wouter Buwalda, the new secretary of the residents’ organization; Bart van Leeuwen, the new district agent for the next two years.

2. Board announcements

W. Buwalda indicates that the new General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) naturally also applies to the Resident Organization. There is now also a privacy statement on the website. Residents who do not want their names in the minutes (which are made public) are requested to state this in advance.

Letter residents’ organizations various districts to formateur
A letter was sent to the formateur about the through traffic and the densification by the surrounding districts. Growth of the city should not be at the expense of liveability.

Letter to city director Mr. Prins
In April, city council director M. Prins received a reply to our letter of December 2017 about the powers of the residents’ organization and various traffic issues. Due to the lack of members of the Traffic Working Group, discussion of this will be transferred to the next district council.

Alexanderveld 84/ police headquarters
The residents are invited to think about the plans for the office building Alexanderveld 84 and the police headquarters.

Insert district council between March and June 2019 or redefining district councils
One of our residents said that in 2018 there was too much of a gap between the neighborhood councils of 12 March and 28 June. The chairman noted that this could be solved by an extra district council or a better spread. W. Buwalda proposes to postpone the meeting of 12 March next year, to 4 April. This creates a better spread.
Irma Vlasblom, district chairman of the De Mos Group, asks if the neighborhood councils can not be scheduled for Thursdays (fixed day board meetings). The board indicates that this will be looked at. The chairman asks if one is bound to Thursday. C. Padmos indicates that Tuesday and Wednesday are not possible for him, so the Monday would remain. W. Buwalda indicates that many days off are on Monday. O. de Savornin Lohman indicates that it does not always have to be the same day.

Incoming letter about illegal tree cover
The board received a letter from a resident about a large birch cut by an owner. The writer of the letter was also threatened by the owner when she addressed him. The chairman asked all those present to continue reporting illegal logging, first to the police and then also to the board of the residents’ organization. The sooner the police are there, the faster you can act.

3. Discussion of the district council report of 12 March 2018
No comments.

4. Workgroups spatial planning / public spaceruimte

Track replacement Scheveningseweg
D. Hazekamp explains: the activities on the Scheveningseweg have three phases: The 1st phase starts in September 2018 when the Vredespaleis stop is closed for trams, cars, cyclists and pedestrians. Until December line 1 no longer runs from The Hague Central Station. The final negotiations with the contractor are now taking place. Exact details are available on www.denhaag.nl/lijn1.

Phase 1 lasts about a month. Phase 2 starts in October. Then the piece goes from the Patijnlaan to the Frankenslag, no more car traffic. In phase 3 another part of the Helmstraat will go out. It has far-reaching consequences for the accessibility of Scheveningen and our neighborhood.

D. Hazekamp ndicates that there is little to report. The municipality is working on a preliminary design for all modifications, especially the eco-wall and the buildings of Madurodam. It is expected that after the summer the design will be submitted to the Board after which it will be made available for inspection. There is still uncertainty about the ground between the elephant path and the eco-valley. The municipality has indicated that they want to keep it green in the zoning plan. Until this has been approved by the Board, we still have to wait.

Redesigning Plein 1813
Those present will be invited to the information evening on the redesign of Plein 1813. A. van den Bosch and D. Hazekamp were in the sounding board group. The plan is to start work in the 2nd / 3rd quarters of 2019. The advisory groups are in agreement. There was still discussion about the choice of lanterns and trash cans. In the middle two green strips with sidewalks come to make crossing for pedestrians easier. Currently, parked pretty haphazardly.

Israeli embassy nr. 4/5
The new Israeli embassy and residence will be placed on nr. 4 and 5. This requires a lot of safety measures. The municipality must implement the measures as imposed by the NCTV. In any case, approximately 1 meter high, with green (Ilex crenata) covered piles at a distance of at least 30 meters from the building to prevent entry. This takes into account the roots of the chestnut trees. In order to preserve the symmetry on the square, the green hedge is implemented on all (four) sides of the square.

Design kiosk on Nassauplein
A. van Esch explains that the kiosk was extensively discussed at the Nassauplein meeting. It is a game between the owner, who naturally wants to continue to earn his living, the architect with a winning design who wants to change that as little as possible, and the residents who want to protect the authenticity of their neighborhood. Van Esch is going to pick this up with F. Bruins. In two months, it will be for the Welzijnscommissie, which has indicated that it wants something modern. Some residents are worried about what will happen if the manager of the new permanent building leaves. C. Padmos indicates that it has been there for 65 years. The chairman indicates that it is certainly important that Nassauplein picks this up.

A. van Esch indicates that the PTT monument, a protected monumental cityscape, has been completed. Important here is also the line of sight to the kiosk. The monument has been given a protective layer against dirt. A biennial maintenance plan has also been concluded. D. Hazekamp asks whether the attendees have ideas about, for example, a school that could adopt the monument. Perhaps MUSCOM can be involved, says O. de Savornin Lohman. Van Esch asks if there might be chains around the monument.

At the Nassauplein, 4 trees are replaced that are in poor condition.

D. Hazekamp advises all to report abuses on the Nassauplein via 14070 or Twitter. The more the municipality has an overview of the nuisance, the better. A. van Esch indicates that complaints are already being picked up better, but that there is still much room for improvement. Especially with those who dump waste outside the containers. Strange remains that the waste street is placed in a protected cityscape. Road safety is also not served here.
H. Verhoog-Poiesz says that reporting via Twitter @gemeentedenhaag produces the fastest response. D. Hazekamp indicates that the waste alley process (objection, etc.) is still ongoing. In Willemspark there is now definite placement of ORACs. The emptying frequency should be twice a week and that of the Nassauplein every day. The residents are called to continue reporting if they are full, which influences the dates of the current trial. H. Bussink indicates that there are also smart ORACs that send out a signal when they are almost full. The municipality has deliberately chosen not to do so, but it can be discussed again later. M. van der Hoff reports that offices in the waste streets and ORACs are also emptying. D. Hazekamp indicates that the municipality has been asked to rotate the bin at the high Banka 90 degrees due to the many glass splinters on the equestrian path. The chairman asks whether it will not hinder cars or cyclists. W. Buwalda indicates that this is not the case, those paths are further away.

Riouwstraat 191
D. Hazekamp indicates that 191 luxurious apartments are being built on the Riouwstraat. A logging permit has been refused for a large red beech. Local residents are asked to keep an eye on this.

Maintenance Day Scheveningse Bosjes
There will be another maintenance day for volunteers in the Scheveningse Bosjes. More information will be made available during the next district council meeting.

Umbrella revision zoning plan (bicycle parking)
D. Hazekamp reports that there is a separate paragraph on bicycle parking in each zoning plan. This will be replaced by an “umbrella revision”, one description for bicycle parking in all zoning plans. The current revision has no consequences for our neighborhood.

Plan to build 16 court houses on Balistraat 1A parking lot
The chairman announced that the project developer had renounced the plan and resold it to someone with “more peaceful” plans. The party about that was of course great in the Balistraat. M. and H. Bussink give thanks to Mr. Quaedvlieg and his colleagues. The meeting applauds and supports the acknowledgment of gratitude.

Destination / future Office building Alexanderveld 84 (police headquarters)
The chairman indicates that the head office of police will move to the Brinckhorst. The question then is what needs to be done with the current building, luxury apartments or social housing. The municipal vision of the municipality means that more social housing must be created in the “more luxurious” districts. How do those present stand against social housing in our neighborhood? M. Bussink indicates that it certainly fits in the neighborhood. The other attendees join in. M. van der Hoff would like to cooperate with D. Struik to provide input for the completion of the building and grounds. Since the civil servants are working on it now, it is important to let us hear now. A. van de Kooi indicates that spatial planning must also be included in the vision, especially a plan for several higher floors must be prevented. A. van Esch joins in. M. van der Hoff indicates that if there is a half extra layer of living, the view of the apartments on the other side will be seriously endangered. D. Hazekamp asks B. van Leeuwen whether it is already known when the police station goes to the new location. B. van Leeuwen indicates that the location on the Binckhorst is not finished, so for the time being it will not be moved. The chairman establishes that no opponents can be heard for the partial use of the land for social housing. H. Bussink indicates that a good mix is ​​only conducive.

Red Cross building
The chairman indicates that not much is known yet. The spatial planning committee will have a meeting with the project developer on 4 July, W. Vader will learn what the plans are and the committee will assess the suitability and advise on this. In any case, the 16 court houses discussed earlier will not be. A report will be made in the next district council. T. Meijer-de Zeeuw indicates that a principle plan could be submitted within a few months. The chairman proposed to discuss this further afterwards.

Malakkastraat 126
W. Vader indicates to be unfamiliar with the reason why this item is on the agenda. As far as this has to do with Airbnb, the spatial planning committee will consider what the regulations are about and actively take that up. I. Vlasblom indicates that, in view of the coalition agreement, there are no rules about this yet.

Cameras Balistraat 86
The board received a letter about the placement of cameras at Balistraat 86 and the accompanying concerns about privacy. The chairman states that this is not a subject for the board, but that the residents must take this on themselves.

5. Workgroup traffic

Think tank approach through traffic center North
The chairman indicates that the members of this working group are absent. The process of co-creation started with a meeting in Muscom. T. Dike and A. Reijngoud are in the workgroup and the chairman sits (not as chairman but as person) in the sounding board group. Research is now being done into the causes of the nuisance and the neighborhoods that suffer from through traffic. The Coalition Agreement reported a plan to make one-way traffic of the Mauritskade. This was at odds with previous communication. We spoke with the intended alderman for traffic, R. van Asten (D66). This responded quickly, went seriously into our complaints and also thinks along well. First a trajectory of co-creation is followed, only then will this be discussed again. It is striking that the consent of the residents’ organizations is also an important point in this. The chairman asked A. van Esch to inform the alderman that the manner in which this was quickly taken up was highly appreciated.

Other traffic issues
H. Bussink. The municipality has reported that many employees of the Sudan embassy are cycling in the direction of the Balistraat. An undesirable and dangerous situation. Also the speed on the Laan Copes is often too high. H. Bussink asks if the speed camera is in operation. The district agent B. van Leeuwen indicates that this is the case. H. Bussink also indicates that mopeds with yellow number plates often ride on cycle paths and many cyclists on the sidewalk. He also emphasizes the wish to apply a pedestrian crossing. The left-hand sign Bankastraat is also very invisible. L. Brocken is asked to take that up. H. Bussink also indicates that there are orphaned bicycles with two labels and asks if they can still be removed. The chairman asked whether L. Brocken would also like to take this up.

6. Other working groups

The Atelierroute takes place on 6 and 7 October 2018, this is also in the Wijkkrant. B. Bos will announce the next meeting when another music event takes place.


M. Teesing indicates that, as announced the previous time, they are affiliated to the “Love your home” program through the municipality. A pilot project is now running in Atjeh and Hoge Bankastraat. This is nice, house-to-house letters are sent and a free sustainability scan is offered. The plan is to hold an old-fashioned energy café in September for extra explanation. Follow up on this on the website and in the district newspaper.

D. Hazekamp indicates that the fifteenth poem has been revealed on the Batjanstraat. Number 16 is already in the making, somewhere on the Koninginnegracht. This will be a poem with a link to children. More will be announced about this later.

R. Klein indicates that there are no discussion points.

Editors district newspaper and website
C. Padmos indicates that this is normal, he just went on in the holiday. The translation for the expats is also excellent. Meanwhile, a new editor has also been found for the district paper.

7. Government (suggestions, comments, complaints and announcements)

L. Brocken indicates that the request to place classic lampposts at the Javahofje can not be honored. These will be replaced in 30 years.
J. Teeuwen indicates that the Kerkhoflaan would also like to have classic lampposts.
L. Brocken checks whether the same regime applies.

B. Van Leeuwen indicates that there is a peak in bicycle theft. The focus on prevention and surveillance has therefore been increased. In the summer, to prevent burglary, it is important to close windows and doors when leaving the house.
The chairman stated that he had received notice that hikers in the Scheveningse Bosjes were “run over” by cyclists. B. van Leeuwen also received this report and tried in vain to contact the person in question.

8. Any other business and closure
A. van de Kooi asks about the state of affairs regarding particulate matter. Have measurements been made or decisions taken? The chairman indicates that there is a discussion about the most reliable method of measurement. A license plate test is performed to see where the cars come from and where they are going. The recent figures of traffic pressure also show the need to do something about it. Our neighborhood may not be the center of the process of co-creation, but it does have a good voice in the whole. In any case, it will take another year. Former alderman Bruno Bruins is now Minister of Health, perhaps he can mean something.
• J. Douwes would like to thank the editors of the district newspaper / website for placing the call for information about the construction of the water feature at the mayor’s Monchyplein, the increase of the water level and the connection of the canals around Couperusplein. The persons who responded to the call are also thanked. The responses show that they are on the right track. The chairman indicates that it is nice to find that it has yielded something.
• M. Bussink invites all to water the trees in the area during this dry, warm period. It is not possible for the municipality to water all the trees. She, herself, gave water to a lot of new planting on her street.
• H. Bussink asks about the background of the Neighborhood WhatsApp sign at the Surinamestraat. B. van Leeuwen is looking for this. The chairman indicates that this is a private initiative of that street association after vandalism in that street. Of course, other streets can do that too. Apparently this is also the case at the Kerkhoflaan. The chairman also indicates that it is useful to set up a WhatsApp group with the street mates to have contact with them and to coordinate this with the police. There is also a special App for, “Nextdoorapp”. There can be posted messages for the police. Similarly, the bicycle theft in the Archipelago has come to light. D. Hazekamp also indicates that Neighborhood WhatsApp stickers are stuck behind windows, that was an initiative from residents. The chairman encourages all to take an active part in this.

The chairman closed the meeting at 9.45 pm.