Missing Goldfish ?!


On several locations around Bankaplein the above notice about a  goldfish that went missing was found. Could there be a hidden meaning to it? Here is the translation into English:

Name: Theo.
Colour: gold.
Can be recognized by: fish eyes.
Swims in: water.
Can be recognized by: fat bottom.
Telephone number: 06 33 79 65 81.
The weather was lovely.
Theo and I were looking out of the attic window.
I went out into the garden and asked my mother a question (private matter).
Suddenly the fishbowl with Theo in it came tumbling down.
It landed on my head.
Then I had a concussion.
Rest of story as told by my mother:
My mother ran into the house to call the ambulance.
When she came back out Theo was missing.

23 June 2015, Derk Hazekamp  (MM)