Municipal Cemetery on Kerkhoflaan must ‘stay’ in A&W

13 July 2011 – Among recent municipal council decisions is a plan to extend the area that falls under the management regulations for the “Van Stolkpark – Scheveningse Bosjes” area so that it includes the Algemene Begraafplaats Kerkhoflaan (Municipal Cemetery), traditionally part of the Archipelbuurt. The board of the A&W Residents Association has registered an objection with the Council Executive against the proposed change. The community association in Van Stolkpark is also against such a move, which, like the A&W, cannot find any logical argument substantiating the council’s decision.

The three cemeteries already existed when construction of our neighbourhood began around 1880 and they form an integral and historical part of the Archipelbuurt.

The Map of current Van Stolkpark – Scheveningse Bosjes area (with the Municipal Cemetery indicated in brown)