Municipal membership drive for Burgernet

More than 29,400 residents of The Hague have already joined the crime-fighting Burgernet citizens network. The more participants, the bigger the chance that a crime can be solved. Will you also sign up?
In order to attract even more participants, Burgernet will be present on the streets and in the supermarkets in The Hague in the coming weeks.
Using the help of citizens, the police expect to be able to arrest more suspects and to find missing people more quickly. Anyone who is willing to make a contribution to his neighbourhood is invited to participate. It works this way:

  • Burgernet sets up a telephone network of residents. Following a report about a break-in or a missing child, the police operator can activate a Burgernet campaign right away.
  • Everyone can help for free from his own home, on the street or from his work. The police send a message to participants with a call to action to be on the lookout for the suspect or missing person in their surroundings.
  • The police expect participants to respond quickly to the number in the message with tips or other useful information. The number gives callers direct access to the police emergency control centre.
Membership drive

It is of course not the intention that people act as a police officer and track down and arrest suspects themselves.

The more participants, the bigger the chance that the police can solve a crime. You can register through the website or by calling tel. (088) 964 89 14.

22 September 2016,