Municipality on expansion Madurodam

Publication of the agreement between Madurodam and the district organisations.
Recently there have been intensive consultations between Madurodam and the district organisations about this agreement. The Municipality took part in these consultations.
The aim of the agreement is to place on record that in future Madurodam will not expand further at the cost of the green area of the Scheveningse Bosjes. Deputy Mayor BSKB Mr Revis states that an agreement was reached between Madurodam and the three district organisations. On Wednesday 5 July 2017 the agreement  “Groenconvenant Scheveningse Bosjes”  was signed by the representatives of Madurodam and the three disrict organisations. The agreement once again states that the Scheveningse Bosjes in future will not be affected anymore after the present expansion of Madurodam.
“Het Groenconvenant Scheveningse Bosjes” has an indefinite term and cannot be terminated within 200 years. Moreover agreements between Madurodam and the district organisations were made concerning the enforcement of the obligations of Madurodam.
This agreement is in tune with the Municipality’s point of view that the adjustment of the  Stedelijke Groene Hoofdstructuur for the expansion of Madurodam is a once only.
To the Mayor and the Municipal Executive Board it is clear that the expansion will create space for an economic development and in the future will protect the valuable green area.

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6 July 2017,