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The exhibition ‘XXS Dutch Design’ in the Museum for Communication in The Hague is the winner of a Silver European Design Award. The museum shows the design process of a stamp by well-known artists and designers.

From the vast collection of stamps designed over the years, the museum shows the works of of Dick Bruna, Rineke Dijkstra, Piet Paris and Anton Corbijn. In addition, the new royal stamp of King Willem Alexander is presented to the public for the first time. The exhibition was opened on 27 November by King Willem Alexander.

Stamp design is a very rich Dutch Design tradition and stamps are seen as miniature works of art. The stamps tell stories about all kinds of subjects; it is the world on a tiny piece of paper. Visitors step into this world, submerged in a sea of 1,200 stamps.

Photo of XXS Dutch Design

The European Design Award is an annual prize by 15 top design magazines in Europe. The ‘XXS Dutch Design’ exhibition won the prize in the category of Exhibition Design.

Trapped in Suburbia, the exhibition’s designers, created panels in the form of stamps, giving the appearance of larger-than-life stamps..

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‘XXS Dutch Design’ can be seen in the Museum for Communication until 7 September. More information can be found at

28 May 2014, The Hague Newsletter