Neighbourhood Whatsapp and Police

A BuurtWhatsApp (neighbourhood WhatsApp) is a WhatsApp group where residents of Archipel & Willemspark can report and share suspicious situations in the neighbourhood. It is a civilian initiative and a modern form of neighbourhood watch. The aim of a BuurtWhatsApp is to have more eyes and ears in the neighbourhood and it offers the opportunity to share suspicious looking situations within the own district, such as car burglary, burglary, vandalism, etc.

When somebody in the group sees a suspicious situation or person, he/she first calls 112 and then sends a message in the WhatsApp group so that every member of the group is notified. Every resident within this group has knowledge of suspicious situations and is on the alert. Every resident who joins the group receives from the police a green participant sticker that one can stick on one’s window.

Do you as resident of Archipel & Willemspark want more information about the WhatsApp group you can mail to Hans Plat, the  police officer who works on prevention projects.
Police Station Jan Hendrikstraat 85
tel. 0900 8844

13 juni  2016,  H. Plat, Inspecteur van Politie